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In Time - Dance Films

Year: 2005-2006, 38 mins
Code: SH-Intimefilms
ISBN: 9781922007094

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The IN TIME series is dance about time and timing. How we sense time; how we move through it, how it inevitably slips past us. 6 works have been created in this series; comprising film, video, live performance, gallery installation and international collaboration in Japan.

1/ Three Times
9 mins, 2005 Three women in their own sense of time. A trio of temporal intrigue. Rhythm, glitching, looping – the 3 solos play with the slipperiness of the subject.

2/ Once in a Blue Moon
12 mins, 2006 Created for the performers of Three Times and their mothers - the importance of memory in perceiving time and the indelible connection we have with our parents.
Premiered in 2006 at the Sydney Opera House.  

3/ Will Time Tell?
12 mins, 2006 Shot on location Tokyo and Yokohama, 2005. While travelling, one's sense of time is invariably altered. This is a short story of an Australian in Japan. Each frame is choreographed with tempo and duration in mind. Will time ever tell her what she needs to know?  

4/ 13 & 32
5 mins, 2006 Dance video commissioned by UWS research project The Dancing Brain.

Sue Healey is a choreographer, educator and dance-film maker based in Sydney, Australia. Her creative manifesto speaks to the production of a highly-detailed movement language. Experimenting with form and perception, Healey creates dance for diverse spaces; theatres, specific sites and the camera. Her live works and films embody technical excellence and high production values, and employ the finest of dancers.
Associate artists Shona Erskine, Lisa Griffiths and Nalina Wait have been integral to Healey's work since 2002.

Works have been described as masterful in their handling of organic human stories, space and time through dance. Her films transcend the performance space, allowing a new focus and magic to enter; time lingers, even reverses, details are enlarged for intricate scrutiny, elements are introduced in an alchemic fashion, all using the genius of cinematography and an acute awareness of movement.
Sue Healey has established a reputation as a key figure in the development of choreography and has worked to build strong ties into the artistic and academic communities in Australia and the Asia Pacific. As her artistic statement reads:

"I create dance that acknowledges the potency of the human body to take us into the realm of the extraordinary. I believe dance to be vital human research and as a means to communicate across cultural boundaries. I am committed to creating a theatrical language that illuminates and transforms, revealing subtle layers of movement and perception.” – Sue Healey

Three Times: Performers: Shona Erskine, Lisa Griffiths, Nalina Wait Director of Photography : Mark Pugh Music: Ben Walsh Editor : Sam James Design : Sue Healey

Once in a Blue Moon: Performers: Enid and Shona Erskine, Dianne and Lisa Griffiths, Marion and Nalina Wait Director of Photography : Mark Pugh Music Ben : Walsh Editor : Sam James Design : Sue Healey

Will Time Tell? Performers : Shona Erskine, Norikazu Maeda, Yuka Kobayashi, Ryuichi Fujimura, Mina Kawai, Makiko Izu. Cinematography : Mark Pugh Music : Ben Walsh Post Production Support : The LAB
Finalist Dance on Camera Festival New York 2007
VideoDansa Barcelona 2007
VideoDance 2007
Greece Cinedans Amsterdam 2007
Dance Camera West Festival USA

13 & 32 Performers Tom Hodgson and 13yr old James Batchelor. Music by Darrin Verhagen.


Three Times:
Special Mention Napolidanza Competition, Italy 2005
Nominated Best Dance film Ausdance awards 2005
Finalist Reeldance Australia/NZ competition 2005.

Once in a Blue Moon: “A fascinating and touching study of two generations” - Sydney Morning Herald Screened Videodanza Barcelona 2007 and many international festivals

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