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In Concert - Leigh Barker Quintet - BMW EDGE 2006

Year: 2006, 87 mins
Code: EX-Conjazz13_b

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The Leigh Barker Quintet in concert in 2006.

Bassist, composer and bandleader Leigh Barker was born and raised in Canberra, where he spent his formative years studying with American bassist Eric Ajaye at the Canberra School of Music. The move to Melbourne provided much professional experience, with Leigh proving to be a popular accompanist for the cream of the Australian contemporary Jazz scene, frequently appearing with Jamie Oehlåçers, Dale Barlow, Scott Tinkler, Julien Wilson, Mark and Nichaud Fitzgibbon, Alison Wedding, Heather Stewart and many others. 

In January 2004 Leigh travelled to the US for five weeks, where he pursued formal studies with bassists Ben Wolfe, Eric Revis and Reginald Veal, as well as spending valuable time with mentors Branford Marsalis and Doug Wamble.  Last year Leigh collaborated with celebrated pianist Tom Vincent on the soundtrack for the hit ABC television program 'The Collectors', which airs on Friday nights. 
Vincent and Barker discovered an immediate rapport which culminated in a six-week tour early in 2006 with the Tom Vincent Trio, with pianist Vincent and Netherlands based drummer, Marc Meader.

- "Y'all swinging! Australia in the house…that first tune is killin', my man." - - Doug Wamble, guitarist with the Lincoln Centre Jazz Orchestra.

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