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In Concert: Cath Connelly - Irish Folk/Harp BMW EDGE Oct 2005 HDV

Year: 2005, 51 mins

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Cath has been sharing and teaching the art of Celtic harp for many years. She has developed an extensive repertoire of harp music from Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Very much in tune with the origins of this delightful instrument, Cath’s repertoire includes songs from the beginnings of Celtic musical expression to more modern compositions. She has composed contemporary arrangements for many well-known songs, as well as creating many of her own melodies.

Cath Connelly has been playing the Celtic harp professionally since 1998. She is now considered one of Australia's leading Celtic harpers, with her career flourishing since claiming 3rd prize (Seniors Division) in the 2004 Turlough O'Carolan Harp Competition, Nobber, County Meath, Ireland.

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