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In Concert: Andrew McGregor

Year: 2006, 62 mins

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Sunday 10th December 2006 - Anne Norman, Andrew McGregor and Peter Hagen, harpsichord featuring new works by Pertout, March, Czaplowski, Vaughan, Seki, Carter and Simons

Andrew McGregor is playing a Japanese bamboo flute called Shakuhachi

Andrew MacGregor’s first contact with the shakuhachi, or Japanese end-blown bamboo flute came in the 70s via a rock-and-roll recording by Leon Russel, and a decade on began studying the instrument under the guidance of Grand Master Riley Lee. His initial attraction to the shakuhachi was in view of its connection to the ideologies of fundamental energy, or KI, and became a disciple of the art as a means of understanding these concepts, but in time was allured by the complete picture of Zen Buddhist traditions. (

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