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In Concert: Andrea Keller - Czech House

Year: 2005, 52 mins

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With strong influences from Keith Jarrett’s 1980’s work, MCA Freedman Fellowship winner pianist/composer Andrea Keller won her first ARIA [Australian equivalent of a GRAMMY] in 2002 . This was followed with her CD, Thirteen Sketches where Keller also won both the 2003 ARIA Award and inaugural Bell Award for Best Jazz Album for her Bartok Project's Mikrokosmos CD (on ABC).
The personnel of Eugene Ball (trumpet), Ian Whitehurst (tenor sax) and Joe Talia(drums) performed material from the quartet's 2005 ARIA nominated album 'Angels and Rascals' on the ABC.

"Ingenious compositions, Keller is a fine technician and fiery improviser who can also withdraw into a soft-focus world of dreams, impressions and confessions." - John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald, February 23-24, 2002.

"Keller joins the more creative writers for this instrumentation worldwide." - John Clare, MCA Music Forum, Oct-Nov, 2001.

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