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Performance from Voice Theatre Lab

Year: 2011, 46 mins
Code: RL-Iam
ISBN: 978-1-921895-46-3

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Loosely based on Seneca's Oedipus Iam Nocte, which loosely translates to ‘now the night...’ is the first two words of Seneca’s Oedipus, written in Latin, and this production is a radical adaptation of this classic text.

Originally written in the 1st Century AD, Seneca’s Oedipus, known to be more violent and graphically detailed than Sophocles’ version, was to be recited, not performed. Iam Nocte highlights the detailed imagery and themes of light and darkness, sight and blindness, the power of unwritten law and the limits of free will through the power of the human voice and body in crisis.

The Performance. This adaptation is a theatrical experience that combines vocal sounds, physical theatre, vocal and physical expression of abstract imagery. It's treatment of language using preverbal expressions, holistic utterances, abstract use of English and Latin allow performers and audiences to place logic aside and focus on the sounds instead of the logical meaning of the text. These sonorous qualities allow the audience to view the language itself rather than the intellectual meanings it refers to

Adapted and Directed by Robert Lewis Performed by the Voice Theatre Lab

Voice Theatre Lab is housed at the Academy of the Arts, Launceston. It is a laboratory; it explores and develops rigorous and highly energized physical and vocal training methods, fusing contemporary East and West theatre practices to create a physio-vocal training aesthetic. Voice Theatre Lab are not bound by the semantic meaning of words. The freedom from not having connections to meaning enables performers to explore a range of concrete and abstract elements.

Robert Lewis, Lecturer in Voice and Theatre, and Theatre Sub-Dean, is a graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), University of Tasmania, Monash University and RMIT. He is a performer, voice teacher, director and Lecturer at the University of Tasmania's School of Visual and Performing Arts. He is the director of the Voice Theatre Lab, a performance group focusing on physio-vocal practice and research. Some of the productions include ‘Dr Faustus’, ‘5’ (both published on DVD, distributed through Artfilms), ‘Tetractys', ‘The Oedipus Project’ and 'Iam Nocte'.


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