I Will Dance In Spite of Everything - screener

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I Will Dance In Spite of Everything

Year: 2016, 51 mins
Code: FC-IWill

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I Will Dance In Spite of Everything is a journey through modern Tunisia that exposes the contradictions and recent fractures of the country, particularly due to the development of a new Islamist current.

It is a story about dance, cinema and the human body. A story of freedom, guided by Bahri, Sandra and Selma, the three main characters. Although their paths are different, they all use the same weapon: art. In order to act at the deepest level of consciousness, they have set the goal of starting a real revolution, 9 years after the fall of President Ben Ali. Around them, incomprehension, and even opposition, bursts out.

In order to change mentalities, they use their bodies, their eyes, their commitment. Some stay in their country to help change things. Others, under the pressure of a culture that suffocates them, decide to leave…

As the speech starts to fade, dance and cinema become a way for them to express their message, overcome taboos and resist obscurantism. It also becomes a way to bring out the identity of each one, and to give them the possibility to choose who they are and who they want to become.

But Bahri, Sandra and Selma are not the only ones. Through this journey, guided by the Tunisian poem “Aux tyrans oppresseurs”, a true symbol of liberation, we also meet Ahmed and the scarecrows of Djerba. Despite the resistance linked to their relatives and their own culture, their choice is finally made: they will continue until the end.

Official Selection:

Interference Lyon Festival 2017

Biennale du réel in Marseille 2017

International Prize for Documentaries about the Mediterranean Region 2017

Les Hivernales festival in Avignon 2018

Instants Vidéo festival in Marseille 2018

Le Grand Bain festival in Roubaix 2019

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