How To Use The Stanislavski System - screener

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How To Use The Stanislavski System

Year: 2004, 68 mins
Code: PO-Stan
ISBN: 978-1-921895-09-8

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Peter Oyston, founding Dean of Drama at the Victorian College of the Arts and regular teacher/director at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, has been utilising Stanislavski's famous acting methods in the professional rehearsal room and classroom for thirty years. In this video presentation, Peter reveals how he combines Stanislavski's techniques in a systematic approach to provide a full rehearsal process or a drama course in microcosm. He has interpreted these processes to fit contemporary rehearsal schedules and provide actors and directors with a fast and accessible method of preparing for a performance. Using Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard" as the text with a group of Australian University students, Peter demonstrates how these methods can be applied to any text, modern or classical. Thirteen of Stanislavski's methods are covered on the video, including:

  • Analysing the Text
  • Naming the Units of Action
  • The Magic "If"
  • Subtext Inner Life
  • Physical Actions
  • Circles of Concentration
  • The Fourth Wall
  • Objectives and Superobjectives
  • Emotional Memory
  • Thoughts Who You Are in Communion with
  • Personal Objects and Costume
  • The Unbroken Line of Life
  • Rhythm - Tempo

For actors, directors, teachers, drama students and researchers or for anyone interested in the making of authentic theatre. It has been on the best seller list  for six years. 


Peter Oyston's detailed account of how to use the Stanislavski System is a very valuable work for all who are interested in high standards in theatre, film, television and radio. Many years ago I was introduced the teachings of Stanislavski. I found that those principles were of enormous value in any medium in which I worked. I believe that Peter Oyston's video and the accompanying booklet should be studied by as many people involved in drama as possible. BOB HOSKINS, actor

With a very heavy season of some of the greatest drama ever written, Peter moulded me into what is whimsically called a principal actor. He gave me a very practical and intelligent approach to my craft. In fact, I would say my work with Peter was my birth as a serious actor. CHARLES BUD TINGWELL, actor and honorary Vice-President of the PDGV

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