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Hello Spaceboy

Year: 2019, 60 mins
Code: MLA-Hello

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This enchanting devised Zen Zen Zo production, which featured at the 2012 Out of the Box Festival, mixes physical theatre, dance, comedy, magic and audience interaction as it weaves together the story of young Max, in search of his imagination.

Aided by Amy the Astronaut and other fantastic creatures, he ventures into outer space and back again, as he battles monsters, aliens and his self-doubt. Hello Spaceboy! has a message for young and old - “Unplug yourself and free your imagination!”

NB: Appropriate for Primary and Secondary Students.

ZEN ZEN ZO PHYSICAL THEATRE, founded in 1992, is one of the leading providers of professional in-schools workshops, residencies, and educational resources in Australia.

ZEN MOTION is the media division of Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre, which aims to educate and inspire an emerging generation of arts leaders and practitioners by exposing students to world theatre practices through innovative DVDs and classroom materials.


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