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Handmade Automobiles

Mechanical Design: The Ultimate Perfection

Year: 2009, 99 mins
Code: EX-AutoPt1

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"The Ultimate Boy Toys"

World-class features, elegance, speed and obsession with perfection: the film is one of the two parts of the series introducing designers and makers of exclusive cars and watches from UK, London, Italy, New York, USA, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland and France.

Part 1:
Francois Sittler Gumpert Sportwagen
Alberto Giovanelli Pagani Automobili
Dagg Hoili Koenigsegg Automotiv
Friedhelm Wiesmann Wiesmann Roadster
Miguel Rodriguez Linx Cars

Part 2:
Mino Camilotti FM Autos
Oliver Brinkmann K1 Sports cars
Roman Weber Weber Sportscars
Volker Sichler Hollister Motorcycles




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