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Year: 2000 - 2004, 25 mins
Code: PE-Hand

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HAND & EYE is a series of award winning short-form documentaries focused on skills that could disappear in the high-tech 21st century.

1/ THE NOODLE MAN Chinatown, New York City is a traditional village in the midst of downtown Manhattan, a tightly packed neighborhood of crowded, Tortuously winding streets. In the heart of this urban "village" for more than 60 years is the Hong Hop Noodle Company. "Duk" (Tung Tak Chiu) is the man for all jobs in this busy factory. Expressive, amusing, animated, Duk works at the many tasks Involved in the making of traditional Chinese noodles. Original music composed and performed by Peter Freeman. 2004, 7 minutes.

2/ OYSTERS A fast moving trip on the journey from the open sea to the open mouth. Filmed in the small oystering town of Nahcotta on the Pacific coast, and at the renowned Oyster Bar in Grand Central, New York City. A syncopated journey to especially composed music. 2002, 7 minutes

3/ HAND ROLLED ON 29th STREET Working in a New York City storefront a group of "Tabaqueros" create a cigar every few minutes. The Latino men and women reveal their special skills to the accompaniment of the lively beat of a meringue. 2000, 4 minutes

4/ AN APPOINTMENT WITH MR. ROBERT Mr. Robert is shown in his New York City atelier making a hairpiece for a private client, and for the famous in the worlds of Film, Theatre and TV. A lighthearted look at the intricacies of weaving one hair at a time, perfectly color matched, in a study in sophisticated craftsmanship. 2002, 7 minutes

During a long career as a publisher of educational materials, I became interested in documentary video making. To this end, in 1995 I decided on a career change. Finally in 1997 I began to work full-time at acquiring the technical skills necessary for effective camera work and non-linear editing. In the absorbing process during these years I have found the work very exciting, sometimes frustrating, never boring. At the same time I found some similarities with my publishing experiences which have been helpful, such as concept development and finding ones own ‘voice’ during the production process. Whilst admiring the production skills in managing a large-scale film, and in spite of the obvious limitations, I have taken particular pleasure in working alone. To date I have completed 14 films.

Awards and screenings include:

Bucks County PA Film Festival 2004, Southside Film Festival, Bethlehem, Pa., Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, Anthology Film Archives, New York.  NYC New Filmmakers, Los Angeles minidv Festival, Santa Fe Film Festival, Cinequest Film Festival, Los Angeles,  Rooftop Films New York, New Haven Film Festival , Zoie International Festival, Philadelphia International Festival ,Rochester NY Film Festival , Hot Springs Int'l. Documentary Film Festival, Rutgers Film Festival, Honorable Mention, Channel 18 Metro Arts New York City TV, NYExpo Film Festival, Jury award, Int'l. Festival of Cinema & Technology screenings in London, England,  Los Angeles and Toronto, ....and more

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