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Hamlet Stooged!

Year: 2007, 58 mins - NTSC/PAL
Code: OF-Ham

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In this short and sharp one-act take on Hamlet, Ozfrank respectfully turns Shakespeare to squarely face the standup comedy genre. The boy/man, accompanied by dog Horatio and his air guitar, turns up in a bizarre dream/nightmare world, disconnected but nevertheless on the ball.

The original text has morphed into an amalgam of Simpsons,
Wayne’s World and Clockwork Orange and combines with some seriously rockster music to express Hamlet’s erudite but confused mind in his relationships with the woman in his short life., his crazy cross dressing mom, Gertrude, and his beautiful babe, Ophelia. The MC of this ‘dream’ is the ghost of his Father’s Jester Yorick.

Hamlet: Michael Coughlan

Horatio: Michael Scott

Yorick: Ira Seidenstein

Gertrude: John Nobbs

Ophelia: Leah Shelton


Director/Scenarist: Jacqui Carroll

Writer: John Nobbs

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