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Gustav Deutsch - Film ist. (1-12)

Year: 2002, 77 mins
Code: IN-GustavPt1

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It is, in a word, glorious.... what I feel is the inherent power and mystery of such material, the arrangement of these images and sounds into a definition of cinema constitutes one of the greatest pedagogic films I have seen.... my main reaction is to have my socks knocked off.
(Tom Gunning)

-Film ist... [1-12],
BONUSTRACK 1: Über. Gustav Deutsch
BONUSTRACK 2: Film ist. (1-12), DVD Installation

Gustav Deutsch, born (1952) in Vienna. 1970-1979 Studies in Architecture, Technical University, Vienna, Bachelors Degree. 1980-1983 Member of Medienwerkstatt Wien, Video-works since 1983. Member of the international Artists Group Der Blaue Kompressor Floating & Stomping Company. Since 1985 works with Hanna Schimek, since 1989 numerous filmworks. Since 1997 member of sixpackfilm, since 2001 member of After Image Productions.

BASIC AREA OF THE ARTISTIC WORK: Film-works on the phenomenology of the medium film. Artistic research works. Since 1985 projects with Hanna Schimek, since 1997 projects under the label: D&S

Filmography (Selection):

-1984 Asuma
-1986 Wossea Mtotom
-1990 Adria, Urlaubsfilme 1951-68
-1990 Welt/Zeit 25.812 Minuten
-1993 Augenzeugen der Fremde
-1994 55/95
-1995 Taschenkino - Der Katalog, expanded cinema event, 16mm
-Film/Spricht/Viele/Sprachen, Viennale trailer
-1996 Film ist mehr als Film, Viennale trailer, 35mm, 1 min
-1996 Mariage Blanc
-1998 Film ist. (1-6)
-1999 Tradition ist die Weitergabe des Feuers und nicht die Anbetung der Asche
-2002 Film ist. (7-12)
-2003 Spectrum, - sixpackfilm trailer, 35mm, 50 sec (7)



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