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Documentaries from Greece

Year: 2017, 86 mins
Code: IC-GDStringless

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A choir to get out of the crisis.

An orchestra could consist of a guitar, a piano, keyboards and a voice. Exact? False! … An orchestra can also be a set of single voices! Five women, an acapella (Stringless) vocal group from Thessaloniki, attempt to overcome adversity and the Greek crisis by creating authentic music: a female alternative.

StringLess isn't just a bunch of girls with beautiful voices. StringLess has its own means of operation: they are organized in a democratic way, “if everyone does not agree, nothing gets done”. During the financial crisis in Thessaloniki, they try to coexist with reality. Albena, who comes from Bulgaria, gets bored quickly. Alexia is more focused on her personal career. Vassiliki is unable to work with Eliona, who is from Albania, and who is unable to engage with the relaxed atmosphere of the group. Alexia and Vassiliki will leave the group, while the others will try to maintain its unity.

The documentary combines the story of these women with the story of their songs. Each has their own goals and needs, but they stay together and face the crucial questions of motherhood, creativity, work. Will they get there?

Angelos Kovotsos, exploring the reasons for the existence of the group and its development over the years, wins the Audience Award for a Greek film at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.

Directed by: Angelos Kovotsos ; Written by: Angelos Kovotsos ; Produced by: V. Fambas

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