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In the Dark in Crete

Documentaries from Greece

Year: 2017, 26 mins
Code: IC-GDCrete

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Medical students analyzing impaired vision experience one day in the "dark".

In May 2015 an event was organized at the University of Crete and the Pancretan Stadium
in Heraklion for the young and old alike; its aim was for people to experience how citizens
with impaired vision (low vision – blindness) cope with their eyes with colorful blindfolds
and so began to remind us of the potential of our “inner eyes” – which patiently await us to
make use of them.

Directed by: Vicky Arvelaki, Written by: Vicky Arvelaki Produced by: Matthaios Frantzeskakis, Image: Stavros Papadimitriou, Vasilis Flouris, Music: Konstantinos Gkaifillias

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