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Granular Synthesis - Remixes for Single Screen

Year: 2001, 50 mins
Code: IN-Gra

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Employing monumental projected images and bludgeoning sound environments, the multimedia installations of Kurt Hentschläger and Ulf Langheinrich mark a new stage in the esthetic of sensory overload.
(Christopher Phillips)

-Modell 5 1994-96, 30 Min,
-Reset 2001, 20 Min

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Granular Synthesis:

Kurt Hentschläger 1960 born in Linz (Austria);
Ulf Langheinrich 1960 born in Wolfen (Germany);
Kurt Hentschlaeger and Ulf Langheinrich have been working together as Granular-Synthesis since 1991.

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