Global Citizen : Dioxin's Children - screener

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Global Citizen : Dioxin's Children

Year: 2010, 42 mins
Code: IC-GCDiox

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Operation ‘Ranch Hand’ was one of the most heinous military operations of the Vietnam War. The purpose of this operation was to use chemical warfare to destroy the vegetation cover used by the Viet Cong, and to poison their crops to deprive them of food supplies. American aircraft sprayed no less than 72 million liters of the vicious chemical Agent Orange on Vietnam. More than 1 million people died or fell ill and still continue today to give birth to deformed children. The poison has infiltrated the food chain and continues to infect vegetables and fruit in the sprayed areas.

This investigation focuses on Admiral Zumwalt, who was the Commander-in-Chief who gave the spraying order.

Written and Directed by Dierk Ludwig Schaaf

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