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Gilbert & George

Year: 2012, 72 mins
Code: SEV-Gilbert

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In this fresh and revealing film the self-proclaimed living sculptures Gilbert & George join Tim Marlow in a walk around their “Major Exhibition” at Tate Modern.

They discuss humanity, sex, death, race and religion; their love of the city and their dislike of the countryside. They explain how they go about creating their art, their iconic dress sense and their tricky relationships with the art establishment and the media.

Gilbert & George have always pushed at the boundaries of art and society. Their pictures are provocative, disturbing and profoundly moving. Their art confronts life in the vibrant, seductive, tense London metropolis. This film is a fascinating insight into their world and an important document of their motivation and consequent art.

“We have inside ourselves a lot of thoughts, feelings, desires, dreams, hopes and fears. And we, as artists, have a great, burning ambitious need to tell these things and put these things out of ourselves”.

"Tim Marlow’s passion for art is infectious" - The Times

"Marlow is unrivalled on TV for his insight, enthusiasm, and knowledge of all kinds of art"
- The Daily Mail

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