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From Theater to Film : Sidney Lumet

Year: 1962, 55 mins
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This program is an illustrated exploration of how stage plays can be translated to the screen - with particular attention to the work of director Sidney Lumet. Participants include the stage, film and television director Mr. Lumet; author, critic and Yale University literature professor John Gassner; and film commentator Peretz Johnnes.

Lumet's work for the screen has included plays by Eugene O'Neill, Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller. Excerpts on this program are from Miller's "A View from the Bridge" and O'Neill's "Long Day's Journey Into Night."

Among the themes discussed in this energetic roundtable are how film can reveal more of the playwright's intentions than the theater, how the camera becomes a leading actor, how film time differs from stage time, and the fact that on stage the focus of the audience is flexible whereas on screen it is controlled by the director. 


Nick Havinga is a television director known for directing shows such as Much Ado about Nothing and Desperate Intruder. He has been nominated for a number of awards, for example, a Primetime Emmy Award and has won a Daytime Emmy Award.

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