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From London - Betty Jackson

Masters of Fashion Series

Year: 2011, 8 mins
Code: EX-Fash11Pt2-4S

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Betty Jackson [London]

Born in Lancashire (1949), Betty Jackson started her fashion career as a fashion illustrator during her senior year (1971) at the Birmingham College of Art. She did that for three years, and then she moved on to get her "hands-on experience" as a design assistant.
In 1981, ten years after graduation, she struck on her own, and founded Betty Jackson Ltd. Described by the British Fashion Council as a "directional classicist" Betty Jackson's style of dressing is based on comfort and relaxed style. Leaning heavily on unstructured separates and daywear, Betty Jackson's creations are usually soft and feminine.
She usually gets her inspirations from colors and patterns, imagining it being worn by a woman, and then designs around that palette. Easy, contemporary and liberated clothes are the adjectives that describe Betty Jackson's work. "My work is understated and easy. I do not like formal dressing and I always try to achieve a relaxed and casual look.
The mix of texture and pattern is very important and we work with many textile designers to have specialness and exclusivity on fabrics. Unexpected fabrics are often used in simple, classic shapes."

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