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From Athens - Lakis Gavalas

Masters of Fashion Series

Year: 2011, 8 mins
Code: EX-Fash11Pt3-2S

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Lakis Gavalas[Athens]

Fashion is not Lakis Gavalas’ first choice in life. He was born in 1957 and comes from a wealthy family from Piraeus. His father was the owner of a marble processing factory and the little Apostolakis (this is his real name) is a graduate of the Greek-French School.
The designer told for Athens Magazine that his first job was at age of 17 at a furrier who made school bags in the area of Monastiraki. There, he demonstrated his talent in fashion for the first time as he managed to make a few state-of-the-art bags for that time.

According to him, these bags were very successful. He went to Italy as a dancer at the age 20 and started working in the Italian television RAI. He discovered the world of fashion there and became fashion shows choreographer first. His more creative collaboration with Italian designers began when he was 27 and at the age of 29 he returned to Greece with the idea to open a shop on the island of Rhodes, which at that time was still a free zone and all luxury goods would be imported duty free. Later, his commercial network started growing, and then he created his own brand of apparels .LAK, although he does not like to be called a designer.

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