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From Athens - Konstantinos Simeoni

Masters of Fashion Series

Year: 2011, 8 mins
Code: EX-Fash11Pt2-7S

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Konstantinos Simeoni

Konstantinos Simeoni was born in 1969 in Thessaloniki Greece. He graduated from high school in 1986 and then went to the "VELUDAKIS FASHION SCHOOL" in Athens, where he studied fashion design. After his graduation from there and his Master's course at "ISTITUTO DI MODA BURGO" in Milan, he returned to Thessaloniki.
He created his fashion house in 1996 and six months later his Boutique. Since then, he creates his collections every season, which he presents in his personal fashion shows in Thessaloniki and Athens. His fashion shows are chosen and shown on FASHION TV as a representation of Greek Fashion Design. Simeoni today, is one of the most promising and important Greek fashion designers of the new era.

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