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In Concert: Frank Di Sario BMW EDGE

Year: 2005, 60 mins

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DiSario Hopkins Gander – Jazz Trio, at BMW EDGE, Melbourne

Frank DiSario-bass
Colin Hopkins-piano 
Andrew Gander-drums

"By definition, free improvisation can be anything. Strange then, that many practitioners eschew the options of tonality, rhythm and coherent melody. Not Melbourne's Paper Hat. Pianist Colin Hopkins, bassist Frank DiSario and drummer Andrew Gander went into the studio last winter with no plans or preconceptions and spontaneously composed nine "conversations" of arresting lyricism and radiance. They spend no time hunting for ideas, collectively zeroing in on the first statement of a piece and grabbing it by the throat - however delicately. A quarter of the time is spent by the opening Requiem, 17 minutes of such sadness as the bereaved know only too well, intensified by peculiar beauty that can hover over sadness like a halo, heightening perception. The cohesion is startling, and all three make their most potent recorded statements to date, the whole comparing favorably with the Keith Jarrett Trio's brief return to free improvisation a few years ago". - John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald, 13/06/2006


Andy Hopkins is an award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist working in documentary, drama and film. A graduate of the Guildhall School of Music, Andy had a successful career as a session musician working for artists such as Dido, Zero Seven and Groove Armada before he started scoring music for picture.

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