Foreman Planet - Richard Foreman - screener

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Foreman Planet - Richard Foreman

Year: 2003, 75 mins
Code: KD-For
ISBN: 978-1-921882-14-2

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Video interview with Richard Foreman. "Artists are involved in trying to keep alive and sustain an alternative reality…" (Herbert Marcuse)

Video interview with 9 time "OBIE" winner Richard Foreman, writer, director, designer, choreographer and founder of Ontological Hysterical Theatre, in New York City. A visionary experimental theatre artist of four decades, Foreman talks about his creative processes, about psychic freedom, about reality, realism and realistic theatre, And about collisions of objects and words with primary impulse.

Answering to interviewer Kriszta Doczy, Foreman also shares his private feelings and concerns about living and working as an artist in New York City today. The video interview is broken up by the fascinating images of Photographer Paula Court offering a visual feast and a "beyond-intellectual understanding" of Foreman's work.

In 2005, after one year of developmental discussion, IDEA’s Directors of Young IDEA, Projects and Solidarity launched a pilot International Young IDEA Project based on intercultural theatre workshop processes which culminated in a multicultural performance at the IDEA 2007 World Congress.

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