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For the Beginner: Guide to model photography

By Frank Doorhof

Year: 2015, 60 mins
Code: FD-Guide

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A guide to modelphotography teaches you to shoot like the pros. The film has segments on working in the studio and on location, plus of course some backstage videos and a slideshow.
This film is one of the ultimate instructional DVDs cramped with so much information it could be spread over several releases. You can find the following subjects on the film:

coaching models, studio setups, working on locations, working with ringflash, Fresnel spots, different accessories, softboxes, beautydishes, a light projector, explanation for the different kinds of lights with examples, learning to work with accentlights, adding lights to your model, using graycards, models with glasses, dynamic posing, jump photography and much much more.

This is your ultimate guide to modelphotography. The instructional parts are app. 60 minutes.

Frank Doorhof
International Fashion and Glamour Photographer

While he may be a noted international fashion and glamour photographer, the Amsterdam-born Frank Doorhof admits that teaching has always been in his blood. While Doorhof still conducts magazine and advertising shoots, with a particular interest for artists and high fashion, however his main focus is teaching workshops throughout the world. Along with authoring the book, "A Guide to Model Photography," (now out of print) Doorhof has released nine instructional DVDs that are sold throughout the world and get rave reviews. His teaching style is based on the concept "why fake it, when you can create it" and helps the students to understand light and by that making it easier to setup for the vision they have in their mind.

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