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Food Presentation Techniques

Year: 1989, 120 mins
Code: KAZ-Food

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Over 2 hours of step by step instructions: food presentation and garnishing by the renowned Australian chef Barry Wells:

Seafood, preparation and garnishing with fresh market produce. (20 mins)

Garnishing - present food with flair. Learn the art of fruit and vegetable carving. (20 mins)

Fruit - cutting and presenting a variety of fresh fruit. (20 mins)

Turkey - boning, marinating and cutting of turkey buffet and displaying with garnishes. (20 mins)

Garnishing 2 - Visual art. Step by step fruit and vegetable carving for impressive and exciting garnishes. (20 mins)

Chicken and Continental Meats - using the slicing machine, cutting chicken pieces, the technique of folding cold sliced meats and garnishing. (20 mins)

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