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First Aid: The Fundamental Series

Year: 2006, 1170 mins
Code: IV-FirstPt8

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A complete series of instructional first aid DVD videos. Over 50 basic first aid topics are covered in this 8 disc set. Topics are sorted into volumes, making it a perfect educational resource.

Part 1 - Basic Life Support and Management of Wounds
Volume 1:  Management of an unconscious person, Expired air resuscitation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Child life support
Volume 2: Bleeding,Shock, Foreign object wound, Amputation, Abdominal wounds, Nose bleed, Head injury

Part 2 - Management of Fractures and Poisons, Bites & Stings
Volume 3: Closed fracture, Open fracture, Spinal injury, Chest injury, Teeth injury
Volume 4: Swallowed poisons, Drug overdose, Snake bite, Spider bite, Bee sting, Jellyfish sting, Smoke inhalation

Part 3 - Ear, Eye & Soft Tissue Injury and Temperature Problems
Voulme 5:  Ear injury, Eye injury, Sprain Dislocation, Bruise, Black eye
Volume 6: Hypothermia, Frostbite, Electrocution, Burns, Sunburn, Heat exhaustion, Heat stroke

Part 4 - Common Health Issues and Skills & Safety
Volume 7: Epilepsy, Fainting, Diabetes, Choking, Asthma
Volume 8: Bandaging Techniques, Moving Patients,  Safety Infection prevention, First aid kits

Produced by Archangel Productions

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