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Sue Healey: Fine Line - the short film

Year: 2004, 12 mins
Code: SH-Fineshort

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The Niche series is devoted to the choreographed body and its intricate occupation of space. Fantasies on habit, habitat and habitation, this work has traversed film, video, live performance, gallery installation and international collaboration.

Part of this series is the performance, Fine Line Terrain. For 5 dancers the piece explores the spaces we inhabit. The performance space becomes dissected with white lines, creating geometric ‘houses ’ that connect, entangle and ultimately collapse. Intimate relationships are framed and mapped by lines, highlighting the precariousness of our relationship to the world and to each other. This is dance that explores the subtle intricacies of our relationship to the space around us.

Fine Line Terrain was performed in the Spotlight program of APAM in Adelaide 2004 and represented at APAP in New York 2004. Sydney Opera House presented this work in a sell-out season JUNE 2004.

​Sue Healey is a Sydney-based choreographer, filmmaker and installation artist. Her work draws its inspiration from dance as a transformative and poetic language yet transcends the boundaries of the form, revealing the universality of movement and its significance to the human species. With extensive experience in choreographic practice and cross-artform investigation, Healey moves seamlessly between dance, film and installation. Her work investigates the potential that lies at the shifting boundaries between disciplines, and the revelations that are sparked at those intersections. Critically, movement is at the heart of each of the works. Her work is aesthetically unique and relevant to a wide demographic, across age and interest. It is witnessed in a diversity of contexts and spaces; galleries, public spaces, television, cinema screen and theatres. It aims to innovate in both content and form.

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