Film Continuity - screener

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Film Continuity

Year: 1981, 29 mins
Code: AFT-Con
ISBN: 978-1-921895-83-8

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Film continuity errors, such as inconsistencies in hairstyles and clothing, can distract the viewer. This program explains and illustrates the importance of correct continuity and will provide anyone undertaking this role with the skills they need. The program is in three parts: What is continuity? This section explains and illustrates the principles of continuity and its management. Screen direction - crossing the line Every film or video set has an imaginary line running through the middle dividing it into left and right from the viewer's point of view. When a person appears in different shots first on one side of the screen and later on the other, we assume they have moved around the set. But if that person is intended to be in the same position, then the camera is said to have "crossed the line".
This section demonstrates the effects of "crossing the line" and shows how the continuity person can help prevent it.

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