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IN NEGOTIATION - Fencing: The art, science, and the passion

Year: 2011, 42 mins
Code: PE-Fenc

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Ever wondered what it’s like to duel with a sword or rapier?
This 6-part documentary introduces you to the intensely competitive actions of the sports fencer and the elegant traditional moves of the classical duelist.
See bouts at fencing academies in the
USA and in distinguished fencing clubs in London. Hear fencers on their inner thoughts about what it’s like to outwit an opponent.
Through exiting close-ups, the fast moving action of duelling weapons are captured with a clarity rarely seen on TV or in movies. Slow motion segments let you see that magic moment of a “hit” or a “near miss”.
Fencers interviewed include the legendary Dr Aladar Kogler, Dr William Gaugler and Mark Holbrow.

Plus 5 chapters:

Classical and Sport Fencing

Young Fencers

Personal Stories

A State of Mind

Beyond Fencing

During a long career as a publisher of educational materials, I became interested in documentary video making. To this end, in 1995 I decided on a career change. Finally in 1997 I began to work full-time at acquiring the technical skills necessary for effective camera work and non-linear editing. In the absorbing process during these years I have found the work very exciting, sometimes frustrating, never boring. At the same time I found some similarities with my publishing experiences which have been helpful, such as concept development and finding ones own ‘voice’ during the production process. Whilst admiring the production skills in managing a large-scale film, and in spite of the obvious limitations, I have taken particular pleasure in working alone. To date I have completed 14 films.

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