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Year: 2021/2013, 95 mins
Code: OTF-Felix

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'Billy Elliot with sax meets Buena Vista Social Club in Cape Town, South Africa'

13-Year-old Felix dreams of becoming a saxophonist like his late father, Zweli, of the famous Bozza Boys Band. His mother, Lindiwe, hates jazz, which she blames for Zweli's death. Because of alcohol, he died before her youngest son was born. Felix's world is turned upside down when he wins a scholarship to a prestigious school. Wanting to prove himself, he auditions for the school concert, but he can't read music. Two aging ex-Bozza Boys give Felix a cash course on the saxophone and teach him about his musical roots and his father's past. Through Felix's determination, his mother Lindiwe is able to forgive her late husband and celebrate Felix's musical talent.

Directed by Roberta Durrant
Producer Zanele Mthembu
Executive producer Kate Schalk
Music by Murray Anderson
Cinematography by Natalie Haarhoff Film
Editing by Maryke Kruger
Art Direction by Surisa Surisa

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