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The Archangel's Bay

Year: 2010, 53 mins
Code: IC-EXArch

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France’s Mont Saint-Michel is one of the world’s most visited sites. But few visitors know about the fascinating ecological environment surrounding this exceptional spot. The authors guide us far from the beaten baths of these shores, to enthusiastically explore the area’s diverse plant and animal life, and the unique relationship between this ecosystem and the people who live in it. This collection of four documentaries explores both scientific and human aspects of the area’s varied flora and fauna, including the very noticeable presence of a group of nearby dolphins! 

The famous silhouette of the rock surmounted by its abbey, the immensity of the estuary revealed at every tide, the fast raise of streams, everything is there to create a wonder, every 6 or 12 hours. In this setting, half earth, half water, we take a close look at the people living in this strange world, busying themselves with activities most specific to this unique environment. We also look at the specific fauna and flora surviving in the most curious ways. Rhythmed by the ceaseless movement of the tide, and during four seasons, we gradually enter the intimacy of this big wet land full of life where the passage of time is percievable in a particularly sensitive way.

The film “Archangel’s Bay” is an invitation to discover the magic bay and its environment, with the people, plants and animals who live or work there and consider it their unique home.

This film is part of the 'Seasons of the Bay' collection.

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