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Year: 1981, 61 mins
Code: DDB-Experiments
ISBN: 978-1-922007-51-3

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Projected on two screens, with two separate soundtracks, the always exceptional, and occasionally brilliant, photographic images are enhanced by de Bruyn's rigorous control over a wide variety of experimental techniques.
Without overindulging in any of them, de Bruyn uses animation, optical illusions, time lapse, solarization, hand tinting, flash frames, refilming and flicker effects, accompanied by a dense atmosphere of word puns, dialogue, primal screams, music and even recycled and letraseted soundtracks.By setting experiments entirely within his Moonee Ponds house, de Bruyn creates such a complex sense of claustrophobia, the spectator, while recognising the staid, conservative trappings of urban Melbourne, is presented with the sort of art neurosis more commonly found in megacities like New York.
The principal actor in Experiments is the narrator, whose anarchistic mind ruminates, struggles and screams from relief from the ravages of suburban Moonee Ponds, and the psychological suburbia of his mind.. Experiments, its cacophony of images flickering on two screens, throws up everything from schizophrenic madness to baby nappies, inviting you to participate in the cathartic recesses of a personal nightmare.

2 screen, 16mm, Optical Sound

Dirk de Bruyn has made numerous experimental, documentary and animation films and videos over the last 30 years. He has received funding to produce a number of films, but has continued to maintain a no-budget, independent, self-funded focus for much of his work.

He was a founding member and past president of MIMA (Experimenta), been involved with Fringe Network and been a member of the Melbourne Super 8 Film Group. He has written about and curated various programs of film and video art internationally and written extensively about this area of arts practice. During the late '90s he was involved in an independent weekly screening program of film and video art at the Café Bohemio. In the early '90s de Bruyn lived in Canada. Understanding Science, Rote Movie and Doubt were largely produced while teaching Animation at Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver.
He is currently teaching Animation and Digital Culture at Deakin University in Melbourne, Victoria. (Burwood Campus).

"As autobiographical filmmaking it is a tour de force, and should not be missed by anyone with even the remotest interest in this style of experimental filmmaking." - Rod Bishop from an unpublished review for The Melbourne Times 1982



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