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Experimental Film Artist: Norman McLaren

Year: 1970, 27 mins
Code: CAT-Norm

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The eminent animator and experimental film artist Norman McLaren talks here with film historian William Sloan, and introduces excerpts from his work to illustrate his ideas and techniques.
Scottish-born McLaren, who made his home in Canada and was an early member of the National Film Board of Canada, was a pioneer in short films using various film tricks, animation, painting on film and handmade sound tracks.
Film excerpts here include sections from: "Boogie Doodle", "Loop and Dots", "Begone Dull Care", "Rythmetic", "Poulette Grise", "Neighbors", "Canon", "Pas de Deux". These films illustrate experiments with a wide variety of techniques. Sound tracks, often drawn directly on the film, include jazz, electronic warbles, scratching, distorted dialogue, and classical music.

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