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The Emotion of Design

Mark Gabbertas: furniture makes architecture human

Year: 2016, 48 mins
Code: KD-Emotion

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Mark Gabbertas, one of London's premier designers talks about the most current questions in furniture design; branding, productions, psychology of space and the emotion of design. The richly illustrated, in-depth video interview is a must-see for all design courses.

Mark: "What drives us/makes me get up in the morning? the prospect of getting better at what we do. Goal posts change and move and objectives refine and mature. The remotest possibility that we might have done something with enduring significance. The idea that furniture design makes architecture human. The ability of furniture to fundamentally affect how you feel, and thus its ability to fundamentally influence behaviour……."

"..On more sophisticated level, how you want people to feel…. relaxed, alert, social, confident, calm etc…all these emotions are able to be influenced by the furniture they are using, and it is the fascinating job of a designer to understand the relationship between the design and the desired experience.

Mark’s philosophy is to create character through simplicity.

Mark Gabbertas graduated from Durham University with a degree in political philosophy. He joined an advertising agency and later to Saatchi and Saatchi. After 8 years he left advertising to train as a cabinet-maker. He set up on his own after two years training and embarked on the well trodden path of the designer-maker.
Initially commissions were for private clients, but briefs from larger commercial organisations increased in number and became the focus of the workshop. Mark Gabbertas was commissioned to design the furniture for Atelier, a new restaurant in Soho, which won the FX Furniture in Practice award in 1995. During the next decade he exhibited at the ICFF in New York, the Cologne Furniture Fair and in London at the Business Design Centre.

Mark Gabbertas was at the forefront of the renaissance in British design in the 1990’s, especially the rise of the self-production designer. He won the competition held by the Geffrye museum to design furniture for the museum and worked with Allies and Morrison to design the public outdoor seating for Tate Britain.
In 2002, he established Studio Gabbertas in West London. In 2007-8 the studio was pioneering new forms and processes for glass based furniture and the work for Isos [Alice mirrors and ‘on thecorner’ tables] and iglass, for whom the studio acted as creative directors, are good examples of this desire to push technologies. For iglass, the studio helped develop the process of printing on glass and a range of tiles for both wall and floor use were launched at 100% Design in 2006, followed by the ‘crosstile’ which was subsequently included in the International Design Yearbook 2007.
The studio is now considered as one of the most experienced designers and continues to design for a number of top brands in outdoor furniture. Concurrently, the studio completed designs for a number of interior furniture brands which also could be considered as being at the vanguard of design thinking.

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