If the Mona Lisa Had Legs: A Show-Conference - screener

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Embodied Theatre

Embodied Theatre by Theatre du Movement

Year: 2008, 244 mins
Code: TDM-Embodied1

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Language: FRENCH

Part 1: If the Mona Lisa Had Legs: A Show-Conference (Si La Joconde Avait des Jambes: Spectacle en forme de conference)
66 mins, 1996 
This show is a variation around the thousand and one ways of walking. The three actors, in turn lecturers, demonstrators, and characters, try to prove that the way we walk says a lot about who we are. Between them, they perform all kinds of steps: heavy and slow, those of the city and of the countryside, of models, military marches or the walk of the famous Charlie Chaplin, the fancy footwork of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. They explore the many iterations of what is our most obvious physical activity, making the show and opportunity to enjoy and know more about it. 

We discover that walking is a metaphor of being…but this metaphor keeps on eluding us!.
Show me how you walk, and I'll tell you who you are! 

Part 2: The Path is Made by Walking (Le Chemin Se Fait en Marchant)
92 mins, 2005 
The journey of a woman; the journey of an artist as she returns to her past creations. This performance by Claire Heggen is a testimony of a woman's body, steeped in her own story. Balanced between private life and art, this piece opens the secret and mysterious process of creation to reveal some true gems. Operating on the level of emotion and sensitivity, this performance stands at the intersection of dance, theatre, and mime.

Part 3: I Think Therefore It Shows (Je Pense Donc Ca Se Voit)
85 mins, 2008 
“What does the body do when people think, dream or contemplate?” This seems to be a simple question, but nobody really knows how to answer. 

This is what the Théâtre du Mouvement attempts to reveal during this performance. It takes the form of a conference trying to demonstrate: “I think therefore it shows”.

Three actors, in turn lecturers, demonstrators or characters, demonstrate all the little gestures, glances, postures and moments of stillness that accompany our thoughts without our awareness.
The seriousness of the scientific statements interacts both with the humour and the choreography. Unique video projections punctuate the rhythm of the performance. 

The theatre becomes a source of knowledge, curiosity and pleasure, a place for thinking where, when one thinks... it shows! 

Established in 1975 by its present artistic directors, Claire Heggen and Yves Marc, the Theatre du Mouvement has been seen in sixty countries. Expert and entertaining, their work has been a major influence in the development of contemporary mime and visual theatre.


"Claire's new solo work is a fascinating portrait of her own life and experiences as a performer" - Visiting Arts 

"A captivating personal story and an insight into some of the most interesting physical theatre of our time". La Presse, Montreal 

"A beautiful picture of a creative life'" Pariscope



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