Eco Luxury - Fashion and Conscience: Environmental Textile Design - screener

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Eco Luxury - Fashion and Conscience: Environmental Textile Design

Year: 2008, 54 mins
Code: CO-ETex
ISBN: 978-1-921882-03-6

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The label ECO LOGIKA® est. 1997, specialises in combining fashion and conscience, using natural and environmentally friendly textiles. Its strong values denote a well made product with minimal impact on the environment. Hand crafted, stylish, ultra feminine for women using quality natural fibres, botanical dyes, eco yarns and textiles such as sustainable silks, certified organic merino wool, certified organic cotton/hemp, environmentally friendly linen, recycled remnants and recycled denim. The DVD provides an insight to Charlene O'Brien's artistic philosophy and shows a wide range of examples of her work.






After graduating from the London College of Fashion in the mid 80s, Charlene O'Brien established her own fashion label ECO LOGIKA®. She is an international eco textile designer who combines raw organic fibres, hand spun silks, recycled remnant, organic Australian merino wool and luxurious sustainable silks, fused with various constructive and embellished techniques by hand and machine. Recently re-located to a studio in the Kelmscott hills, Western Australia, Charlene’s goal is to practice low impact environmental production by creating her atelier, a pure and safe workplace using solar energy, rainwater, hand craft skills and techniques, carefully collected botanicals from her dyers garden for hand solar dyeing.  Charlene launched her new eco luxury signature label at the Ethical Fashion Show, Paris, October 2007. Selected as one of 80 designers world wide, she successfully marketed her eco luxury label to a high end Parisian galerie.

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