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Dyn Amo

by Dwoskin Steve

Year: 1972, 132 mins
Code: RV-Dyn

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The film contains a new video interview of Steve Dwoskin and Maggie Pinhorn about the film's production, plus a text about the film by Jacqueline Holt.  Based on the play by Chris Wilkinson.

Mastered from a new 16mm print in collaboration with Lux, London.


Directing, adaptation, camera, editing: Stephen Dwoskin.
Mise en scène: Howard Panter.
Music: Gavin Bryars.
Cast: Linda Marlowe, Jenny Runacre, Catherine Kessier, Pat Ford, John Grillo, Malcolm, Kaye, Andrew Carr, Derek Paget.
Production: Dynamo/Alternative Arts Production.
Photos for this edition: Jeff Guess.

Stephen Dwoskin was an accomplished experimental filmmaker whose work had a decisive effect on the British film theorists of the early 1970s. His films are held at the BFI and distributed by LUX. His archive is held at The University of Reading

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