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Enter Achilles

Lloyd Newson DV8 Physical Theatre

Year: 1996, 49 mins
Code: AH-DV8Enter

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Enter Achilles is set in a pub, a place where men meet to drink, sing karaoke and carry out their male rituals, and ends the following morning with a view of the club from the outside. Lloyd Newson’s psychodramas unfold in enclosed spaces such as these.

This piece won a 1997 Emmy Award for performing arts. The Daily Telegraph heralded the work as a rare, rich, devastating, triumphant work of art.

"Content, rather than style drives DV8's work, which distinguishes it from a lot of other contemporary dance. Issues, rather than 'prettiness' or aesthetics, are important. Our work delves into how individuals relate to one another, emotionally and intellectually, rather than being about movement or design patterns per se; exploring the individual's actions, and looking at how these in turn reect political and social issues." Lloyd Newson

Directed by Clara van Gool
Adapted for the screen by Lloyd Newson and Clara van Gool Performed by Gabriel Castillo, Jordi Cortes Molina, Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola, David Emanuel, Ross Hounslow, Jeremy James, Liam Steel and Robert Tannion Music by Adrian Johnston 

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