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Dudley Moore and Peter Cook Improvise

Year: 1974, 28 mins
Code: CAT-Dud

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British film and stage stars Dudley Moore and Peter Cook spend half an hour bantering and improvising, ostensibly in an interview by arts critic Leonard Harris in connection with their appearance in New York City to present their hilarious revue "Good Evening". (Cook and Moore had been part of the group famously known in America some years earlier for the brilliant and zany "Beyond the Fringe.")
Subjects covered range over hypothetical holidays (eg Mussolini's wedding), American pro football, their investments ("North Korean real estate" says Cook), Indian accents (they each do several), English accents, possible upcoming novels, the unsuitability of asking dead actresses to do films, the agony of writing if you can't read, and an impromptu opera "The Enormous Cough" (with Moore at the piano).

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