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Year: 2003, 52 mins
Code: FC-Dreamtime

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Travelling through the Australian continent, one is often appalled by the living conditions of the country's Indigenous people. Having lost touch with their culture and traditions, many have become outcasts on the streets of Australian cities.

From the early 1800s to the late 1960s, Indigenous Australians were gradually deprived of their land by the white man who used it for herding, cropping, and mineral extraction. Forced to leave their homelands, Indigenous Australians were often separated from their children, who were sent to live with white families or to boarding schools, in an attempt to teach them the white man’s values.

Today 390,000 Indigenous Australians account for less than 3% of the current Australian population. Learn how they are beginning to find their place in a society which has excluded them for so long. Meet and share the life of Indigenous Australians who through art, dancing, hunting, work, or spirituality, are finding ways to better their future.

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