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Drawing Machines

Year: 2019, 7 mins
Code: GW-Drawing

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In February 2017, at the invitation of Dr Maryanne Coutts, Head of Drawing at the National Art School in Sydney, artist and lecturer Gary Warner ran a 4-day Drawing Machines Workshop as part of the annual Drawing Week start to the year for 2nd and 3rd year NAS students.

This video documents some of the projects built by the workshop students and their exhibited outcomes. It also includes footage of Warner's 3-pendulum harmonograph that he installs at these workshops to provide students with a hands-on experience of an analogue drawing machine.

Gary Warner is a Sydney-based artist who works with sound, installation, performance, drawing and digital media. He teaches experimental drawing at the National Art School and has conducted Drawing Machine Workshops at the University of Technology Sydney, the National Art School, Sensilab at Monash University and for the Bundanon Trust’s ‘Big Draw’ event.

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