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Doris Humphrey Technique

Year: 1992, 46 mins
Code: PB-Dor

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In this essential film for understanding the Humphrey style, Ernestine Stodelle presents a series of studies illustrating falls, turns, breath rhythm, successional flow, leaps, circular swings, and leverage. 

She provides commentary for a clip from the 1936 silent film on the technique as well as for a sequence of photographs by Barbara Morgan. Because the technique is closely linked to the choreography, the three early dances Stodelle has reconstructed serve as examples of the technique’s use in composition. 

The program concludes with the 1934 film Air for the G String with Doris Humphrey performing the central role.  Also included are performances of Quasi-ValseTwo Ecstatic Themes and Etude Pathetico.

Ernestine Stodelle was a member and soloist of the Doris Humphrey Concert Group and Humphrey-Weidman Dance Company between 1929 and 1935. She is the author of The Dance Technique of Doris Humphrey and its Creative Potential. She has recreated a number of Humphrey works, and has staged Humphrey’s early choreography throughout the United States and Europe. Doris Humphrey (1895-1958) is renowned as one of the founders of modern dance.


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