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The Doris Humphrey Legacy: The Shakers

Coaching, Analysis & Performance

Year: 2008, 91 mins
Code: PB-Shakers

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Based on Shaker rituals, The Shakers weaves Humphrey's fascination with the sect with her interest in formal dance composition. The dance portrays the shaking off of sin by celibate members who achieve a state of religious ecstacy. Stodelle protege Corbin teaches technical aspects of the choreography and Stodelle completes the coaching, including an examination of Shaker life with still photographs and engravings of Shakers.

The Doris Humphrey Legacy series of documentaries gives behind-the-scenes analysis of each movement, phrase-by-phrase, of Doris Humphrey works. The series is ideal for gaining a deep understanding of each dance for personal enjoyment or professional enhancement. These films are sponsored by the Doris Humphrey Society and filmed by renowned videographer Amy Reusch.

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