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The Doris Humphrey Legacy: The Call / Breath of Fire

Coaching, Analysis & Performance

Year: 2009, 69 mins
Code: PB-Call

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These dramatic 1929 solos, performed together, represent a statement about the early development of modern dance and the growth of the individual. Humphrey’s notes describe “the Call to a new vision followed by a shriving of the old body and old ideas through the purification of fire.”

This description may be seen as a reference to Humphrey’s sudden break with Denishawn and the start of an independent career in 1928.

The Doris Humphrey Legacy series of documentaries gives behind-the-scenes analysis of each movement, phrase-by-phrase, of Doris Humphrey works. The series is ideal for gaining a deep understanding of each dance for personal enjoyment or professional enhancement. These films are sponsored by the Doris Humphrey Society and filmed by renowned videographer Amy Reusch.

Choreography by Doris Humphrey
Analysis and Coaching by Ernestine Stodelle
Music by Dane Rudhyar
Performed by Nina Watt of the José Límon Dance Company

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