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Year: 1986, 85 mins
Code: AH-Donatello
ISBN: 978-3-939873-26-6

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With his bronze David, Donatello created modernity’s first life-size, free-standing sculpture – a masterpiece of the early Italian Renaissance. Familiar with classical art, he enriched sculpture with individual expression, becoming an artist much in demand. He worked for the Quattrocento’s most powerful patrons, such as Cosimo de’ Medici and the Catholic Church. Innovations in sculptural craft like his flat relief technique made him very influential on into the 20th century.

The film takes us to Florence, Padua and Siena, exploring, with sculptors like Henry Moore, the work of this bold craftsman so skilled at telling stories through images.

Director: Ann Turner

"Der Film zeigt die Kunstwerke in einer bemerkenswerten Ruhe, ohne die völlig unsinnigen Kamerabewegungen und Zooms oder die gewaltsamen Ton-Bild-Scheren, die man von vielen Fernsehproduktionen gewohnt ist. [...] Eine empfehlenswerte Einführung." Walter Kayser,, 11.01.2009 

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