Director and Actor - Passions, Process and Intimacy - screener

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Director and Actor - Passions, Process and Intimacy

Year: 2012, 82 mins
Code: ALP-Direct
ISBN: 978-1-922007-42-1

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This film provides an in depth exploration of the complex and intimate relationship between Actor and Director when working on a play-text.

It was shot extensively during 3 months of intensive rehearsal and performance in 2011. The core of the process presented in the film involves working with physical and (subsequent) emotional intensity in the space, and crucially not imposing any preconceived ideas onto the work.

With his actors Dalip explores characters and relationships in and through the moment, and via intense, provocative and consistent questioning of physical choices the actor's transformation is seen to clearly emerge over time. The work is centred on the concept that Action precedes Emotion and the development of a vital dual consciousness between character and actor. Chapters in the film are:

  • Actor and Director - the intimate relationship
  • Actor and Director - egos and attitudes
  • Action v Emotion
  • Choices - pushing, questioning, arguing and understanding subtext
  • The illusion of life - risk, danger, not playing safe.
  • Reflections on Theatre

Dalip Sondhi was trained as an Actor and Director in London and New York beginning in 1988, and has since worked extensively within both the professional and educational contexts.

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A film by Alucinor Production

Dalip Sondhi was trained as an Actor in London and New York beginning in 1988 completing both undergraduate and Master’s Courses in Acting and Directing.

Over the past 24 years Dalip has worked extensively with a number of acclaimed international practitioners. He has developed a significant amount of professional theatre and film experience, and has been a tutor and Head of Theatre and Drama departments in both the UK and Australia. These include premier institutions such as The Central School of Speech & Drama and Rose Bruford College in the UK as well as the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in Australia.
He has written, implemented and coordinated Bachelor and Master Courses in Acting and Directing and has graduated a range of highly regarded practitioners as a result. Dalip is currently an Associate Professor for Performance & Drama Education at Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia. His current research centres on Transformative learning through Role and Character play.

Film maker Dean Butler made his first short when he was thirteen. His passion for telling stories on screen led him to study scriptwriting and film at University and ultimately to co-founding Alucinor Productions. Dean has written, directed, shot and edited numerous corporate dramas, documentaries, music videos and online videos on the East and West Coasts of Australia. He's a perfectionist who respects and loves every part of film making and is as at home directing actors as he is behind the camera.

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