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Devising, Performance 3

Length: 25 mins
Code: KD-CrossingS4

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DEVISING PROCESS - a multicultural experience
The documentary follows the journey of a group of young people, from all corners of the globe, who were selected to work together for 3 weeks before the IDEA 2007 Congress began. Each participant contributed to the intercultural process and multicultural final performance with independent motivation and self-discipline. From the first time they arrived in the studio all activity was recorded: debates, workshops, experiments with techniques and devising tools, individual and collective processes of making artistic decisions - all leading to their powerful final performance. 86 mins

Performance 1

Performance 2

Performance 3

Background: Intercultural exchanges between groups of young people committed to Drama and Theatre are now a living priority within IDEA (International Drama, Theatre and Education Association).
In 2005, after one year of developmental discussion, IDEA’s Directors of Young IDEA, Projects and Solidarity launched a pilot International Young IDEA Project based on intercultural theatre workshop processes which culminated in a multicultural performance at the IDEA 2007 World Congress.
Based on responses from IDEA’s members to the 2005 invitation for participating groups, encounters took place in Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina, August 2006), Kaosiung (Taiwan, October/November 2006), Bagamoyo (Tanzania, November 2006) and Minas Gerais (Brazil, April 2007). Each encounter was accompanied by an IDEA member and evaluated by IDEA's elected Directors in dialogue with the workshop facilitators.

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