Devising Celebration: Engineers of the Imagination - screener

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Devising Celebration: Engineers of the Imagination

Year: 2000, 23 mins
Code: KD-Dev
ISBN: 978-1-921882-58-6

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Welfare State International, England's top celebratory performance group devise a show at the Bathurst car racing weekend 1999. Two tribes celebrate the event in their own way. A group of community artists and local residents build giant images, stage a masked ball and hold a street parade. The race spectators burn twenty cars in a night of drink and destruction.

Why? A look at the differences between spectators and participants, local and commercial pressures and globalisation may provide an answer. From improvisation to cultural performance, this project focused on forms of drama that exists outside of theatrical spaces. The film is a useful introduction to the theatre of image, large scale dramatic construction techniques, processional theatre, outdoor performance and mask, ritual and spectacle.

If someone interested in finding out more about celebratory performance, carnival, outdoor theatre or site-specific performance it is well worth a look.

Made: Nov 2000 Cycle Productions
Theatre/Media Charles Sturt University - Bathurst Campus

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