Design Interviews - Richard Sapper - screener

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Design Interviews - Richard Sapper

by Museo Alessi and Anna Pitscheider

Year: 2008-2014, 29 mins
Code: API-Sapper
ISBN: 978-1-922007-78-0

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What is design? The interview series which was lauched in New York’s MoMA reveals the answers of four masters of design in this historical collection. Co-edited by Edizioni Corraini and Museo Alessi in 2008, the interviews portray masters who have made Italian design famous across the world.

This exclusive collection of interviews featuring Andrea Branzi, Alessandro Mendini, Richard Sapper, Ettore Sottsass, Stefano Giovannoni and Achille Castiglioni is the result of Museo Alessi’s eagerness to share the experiences and methods of the most important Italian designers with the general public. Brief conversations, reflections and anecdotes that describe with spontaneity and great eloquence the teachings that have shaped their personal and professional lives.

Produced by Museo Alessi
A project by Francesca Appiani
Author | film director Anna Pitscheider

Photography Andrea Turri
Music: Jeff Greinke, Deustch Nepal
Editing Luca Fantini

© Museo Alessi | Anna Pitscheider

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